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Best of India Records (BIR), published by IN-Cube Media, is a record book based in Delhi, India. As the most reliable registry of records, it aims to promote excellence in every field by celebrating unique and outstanding achievements of India and Indians. The BIR byline ‘Ahead Of A Billion+’ not just reveals this thrust but seeks to inspire and challenge everyone to bring out the best in him/her and to stand out among the billion-plus population of this country. And perhaps, the world!

About Us

BIR brings to the limelight the extra-ordinary achievements of the people who can dream big, the stories of their perseverance and passion to win. It nurtures a daring and the never-say-die spirit to conquer new heights, tame the untamed and venture into new challenges and tough terrains. Sky is the limit for such achievers! BIR showcases the best of India under broad sections dedicated to areas such as business, government, transport, communication, education, science, nature, agriculture, entertainment, arts, sports and many more. It recognises a wide range of records from new discoveries and unique accomplishments to the first, fastest, and biggest of all. At BIR, new records are set and the old ones are broken on a daily basis!


Best of India Records (BIR) offers the following optional Premium Services (paid), subject to fulfillment of prescribed conditions for each.

  • Instant Verification

  • On-the-Spot Record Declaration

  • Fast-track Record Processing

  • Record Certificates