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  • Introduction

    Best of India Records (BIR), published by IN-Cube Media aims to promote excellence in every field by celebrating unique and outstanding achievements of India and Indians. The BIR byline ‘Ahead Of A Billion+’ not just reveals this thrust but seeks to inspire and challenge everyone to bring out the best in him/her and to stand out among the billion-plus population of this country. And perhaps, the world! BIR showcases the best of India under broad sections dedicated to areas such as business, government, transport, communication, education, science, nature, agriculture, entertainment, arts, sports and many more. It recognizes a wide range of records from new discoveries and unique accomplishments to the first, fastest, and biggest of all.

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  • Acceptance Terms

    Best of India accepts an attempt to break an existing record and an attempt to create or set a new record. Attempts must be quantifiable, comparable and measurable. Entry into Best of India Records and attempt are subject to compliance with the Terms and Conditions as well as the other specific Terms, which may be provided upon written request, applicable to each type of record attempt. Individuals interested in attempting to set or break a record are requested to study these Terms and other terms applicable to the record attempt before the commencement of any such activity. The onus of proving a record is on the claimant and all attempts must be backed by adequate and satisfactory documentation without which it will not be accepted. The moral rights, copyright and any other intellectual property rights in and to any such material evidence shall, to be extent permitted by law, be waived unconditionally by the claimant. The evidence must be clear, distinct and unambiguous. The editorial team of Best of India Records reserve the right to refuse entry to any claimant if evidence is not found satisfactory or due to unknown reasons as found suitable by them at any point of time in the larger continuing interest of the Product or Services.

  • Statutory compliance & Safety Precautions

    It is mandatory that all any person attempting to create record for Best of India Records should and has to abide by all local, state and national laws, rules and regulations applicable in relation to the Attempt. Claimants are responsible and under obligation to neither attempt any unlawful activity, or any activity against public and moral decency or any activity which is likely to cause self, public, animal or environmental damage or harm. All attempts for Best of India Records must be done within the purview of all law, rules and regulations and the claimants shall bear sole responsibility for any consequences arising out of non-compliance of any existing national and state laws. The claimant is also obliged and requested to take all necessary safety precautions before the Attempt and ensure that all necessary equipments are tried and tested, also ensures that qualified medical personnel and necessary treatment facility is available at hand, requisite safety permissions from national and state authorities are also obtained well in advance. The Claimant should also keep in mind that record attempts may be dangerous to his/ her general health and that it also carries a certain amount of risk of accident, illness, injury or other unknown risks, and that claimant shall bear sole responsibility for the actions he is undertaking, and that all necessary risks have been analysed and safety precautions for the same have been taken. No member of Best of India Records or its owners, directors appointed jury, agents or any other third party affiliated with Best of India Records will be responsible for any safety measures for the attempt and in case of any injury or loss of life they shall not be held responsible.

  • Cost and Insurance

    The Claimant shall bear sole responsibility of all expenses incurred in relation to the Attempt. Best of India Records will not be liable to pay any expenses incurred or unforeseen cost like emergency or medical expenses arising due to accident or incapacity, related to the Attempt.

  • Indemnity

    The Claimant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Best of India Records and In-Cube Media, its partners, affiliates, subsidiaries and any other third party associated with it, against any claims arising from breach of terms and conditions and with respect to any and all injury, dispute or loss of life arising due to attempt of creating a record.

  • Dispute

    The courts of competent jurisdiction at Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any and all disputes arising out of, or in connection with, any Attempt undertaken or entry made for the purpose of Best of India Records.

  • General

    For all attempts prior written permission and terms and guidelines should be obtained from Best of India Records.