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You are welcome to attempt a record and enrol yourself among the ‘Best of India’. To know more about the entry process, please click on the link HOW TO SET A RECORD.
Yes, BIR awards World Record status to qualifying claims. To avail this facility, the claimant needs to clearly mention the same in his/her application and fulfil additional requirements if any.
BIR’s record registration service is free of cost. The normal registration process may take two to four months after submission of all required documents (evidences). For those who can’t wait, BIR also offers a special Fast-Tracking service. (To know more about it, click the link FAST-TRACKING).
Yes, on completion of registration process the status will be intimated to successful candidates through email. However, claimants are also welcome to get in touch with us if they do not hear from us even after the waiting period.
To every successful record claimant BIR issues a Record Certificate. In most cases the record also gets featured on the BIR website.
No. It may be collected from our office free of cost. However, in case it is to be dispatched by post or courier, the candidate may have to bear the postage charges.
You may place a request for additional copies along with stationery fees and postage, paid in advance.
Yes. Once the record is confirmed the event organiser/ team leader can place a request for individual copies with the participant’s name on it. However, this will only be possible on payment of stationery fees and postage in advance.
No. The record certificate would the only but most valuable recognition of your achievement.
You may proceed with the Record Attempt after you have received record specific guidelines from us and submitted pre-attempt documents.
After successful completion of the Attempt, you are expected to submit claim documents not later than a month.